Kto tam stroit website layouts

This website provides the professional evaluation of the real estate objects along with the test purchase. The interface elements are designed in order to make the page highly informative. The objects are marked on the map with special icons. The property chosen by the user is marked with a unique pictogram for the further comparison and a version for print.
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You can sort the objects in ascending/descending order, by its location, price or rating. The chosen object opens in the middle of the feed, so you can check the photo gallery, brief description and the list of specifications.
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The sidebar changes depending on the window size, or it can be customized or removed by the user
The filter panel sorts the objects by keywords, building type, district or direction (including the distance). It also shows the price range based upon the parameters set above, allows to choose the currency and evaluation criteria — for square meter or for the whole property.
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On the filter panel Interactive maps of Moscow and Moscow region help to choose the district or direction you need

The object card includes photo gallery, the list of specifications, description and also the detailed evaluation of the features that influence the property rating.
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Besides the experts evaluation the website also features a «people’s choice chart», where every registered user can express his opinion