Moskva Cinema visual identity

Moskva sinema is the only in the world boasting 10 Dolby Atmos halls and is an outstanding venue on many other levels (technical equipment, service facilities). The movie theater is situated in a very special place of the capital — in a reconstructed building of the legendary Moskva hotel. The hotel was built in constructivist style — the most fashionable architectural style of that epoch but with a touch of empire and neoclassicism, in order to fit in the historical surroundings. So we created the logo based on Futura font created in 1925 under the influence of the Russian constructivist architecture and German Bauhaus movement.
Moskva identity 09 2x Moskva identity 10 2x

Russian and English versions

Moskva identity 13 2x
Apart from the main logo, two more versions were created for use on media of different sizes.
The corporate pattern is also influenced by the constructivist style — we chose the fabric design of 1924 by Lyubov Popova and Varvara Stepanova, the stars of Russian avant-garde.
Moskva identity 04 2x Moskva identity 05 2x Moskva identity 06 2x Moskva identity 07 2x

The original pattern and the corporate design in colour, black and white and monochrome

Moskva identity 03
Corporate stationery
The small guide includes the rules and tips of using the logo and corporate patterns.
Moskva identity 13 Moskva identity 14 Moskva identity 15
Moskva cinema works as closed club system that guarantees maximum comfort, privacy and the best service for the guests.
Moskva identity 12
The club card is the key that opens the theater’s door
Moskva identity 16
Happy club card owner