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Moskva cinema is situated next to Kremlin in a reconstructed building of the legendary Moskva hotel, that nowadays hosts the shopping mall and Four Seasons Hotel Moscow. Its modern technical equipment, exclusive interior design and closed club system guarantee maximum comfort and privacy.
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The main page: top news and movie showtimes. Use the filter to select the date you need
We screen top new movies as well as a wide choice of good old classics.
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When you choose the date, you see all movies and showtimes of the day that are visually divided into 4 time periods. Types of screenings and halls are marked with special icons
You can purchase the ticket or book it and pay later — the e-ticket reminds you of the time left to make the payment.
Moskva cinema is in the very heart of main social and business events of the big city life. You can find all latest information and reports of Russian and foreign movie premieres, corporate and private events, conferences and press lunches at the website.
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You can check the current balance and club card operations in you personal account.
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There’s a page about Moskva cinema advantages and special features.
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Each of the seventeen movie halls is unique.
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