Vekara Soittimet logo

Vekara is a Finnish brand of hand-crafted musical instruments for kids and teenagers. The company exists since 1997: it’s when the first three string guitar was created (considered a perfect instrument for the beginners). The task was to keep the original logo but to add some graphic and text information and make it look vintage.
Vekara 01 2x 02
The previous logo
Vekara 01 2x 01
The new logo is a stylized guitar soundboard and sound hole
Slightly varied logos were created for several Vekara’s profiles: three string guitars, one string bass guitars, drum kits and music classes «Vekara Academia».
Vekara 02 2x Vekara 03 2x Vekara 04 2x Vekara 05 2x

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